Based on customer requirements interior design with Quality matierials such as:

- Fiber Glass

- (PVC) material

- Foam Sheet materials

- Alminum Sheet Materials

- Other high quality wooden and plastic materials

Our used materials provides a clean, straight edge. It offers a lightweight, strong and rigid surface, easy to cleaning & sterilization, and it is a high quality and durable and water proof material which are perfectly suitable for ambulance or any medical environment for its easy cleaning feature and hygiene friendly.​

​- Compartment wall mounted between driver's cab and Patient's compartment a glass window in wall to make observation
- Integrated interior decoration
- Partition wall
- Anti-skidding floorin Patient's compartment
- Long bench with 2 or 3 saperts
- One foldable doctor’s seat mounted to floor near to compartment wall
- Patient’s seats, mounted in right side of patient's compartment
- Oxygen bottle (10L×2), mounted in left side of vehicle
- Oxygen reducing valve
- Instruments and medicine cabinet mounted to the the left side of patient's compartment
- Wall, door, and vehicle roof adopts aluminum-plastic Composite materials
- Raised edge of patient's compartment, dust-proof, anti-skidding,washable
- Ventilation fan mounted in the interior roof of Patient's compartment
- Mobile Self-lifting stretcher mounted to patient's compartment (with infusion holder)
- Garbage bin
- Crash worthy head restraint
- Fire Extinguisher 2 pcs
- Transfusion bracket (IV)
- Multi-functional operation panel

- Metal hand grab

- Wash sink system (option)


As a Ambulance Dubai Company , Medical Ambulance Supplier & manufacturer we supply full range of quality medical equipments to be installed in our ambulance trucks and cars, we listed below some of available medical equipment and supplies that can be installed in our ambulance vehicles according to the given specification by the customer​:

- Automatic loading stretcher

- Automatic loading stretcher ramp (option)

- Ramp for wheel chair and stretcher 
- Otoscope & ophthalmoscope
- Sphygmomanometer hanging type
- Resuscitation bag (Ambo-bag)
- 10L oxygen cylinders (oxygen system)
- Portable oxygen cylinder
- First aid kit
- Emergency Bag
- Portable suction machine with battery
- Stethoscope dual head
- Portable folding stretcher
- Spinal board
- Emergency collar
- Head immobilizer
- Burn set
- Minor surgical set
- Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
- Defibrillator with monitor
- Emergency portable ventilator with accessories
- Pulse oximeter (Spo2)
- Laryngoscope
- Scoop stretcher
- Stair stretcher & chair stretcher
- Patient monitor & vital sign monitor
- Emergency vacuum mattress
- Emergency bag with resuscitation
- Folding wheel chair
- Extrication Device
- Traction splint
- Body splint
- Glucometer with strips
- Vacuum mattress
- Portable X-ray machine

- Fixed X-ray machine
- C-arm X-ray system

- Blood donor refrigerator

- Medical Refrigerator
- Torch and pen light
- Disposables and consumables

Type 2 Ambulance

Type I is type of ambulance conversion which has a fabricated square or box shape patient compartment made of special material that is mounted on the chassis. Type I is mounted on a truck like chassis. Type I are mostly used at airports, industrial plants, and oil & gas fields. This type of ambulance has to be equipped with medical equipment for Advance Life Support (ALS).



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Type 1 Ambulance

Type II ambulance production are the most common Ambulance Conversion type we manufacture in Ambulance dubai and are built using a regular van type chassis. The only modification to the vehicle is that the roof is raised for some brands and according to the customer requirements. Type II ambulances are mostly used by hospitals, medical centres, Police, emergency departments.


- Multi-functional control panel in patient compartment

​- Electrical wiring with insulation

- Blue Flashing alarm light bar mounted on the front roof of vehicle
- Control plate of siren and alarm lamp mounted in driver's cab
- Loud speaker 
- Emergency square lights on right side (according to vehicle brand)
- Emergency square lights on left side (according to vehicle brand)
- Emergency square lights on rear side (according to vehicle brand)

- Emergency warning grill light (according to vehicle brand)
- Round cylinder alarm lights on the rear roof of vehicle (beacon light)

- Air condition unit for Patient’s Cabin
- Ventilation on the roof for Patient’s Cabin
- 220 Volt side power supply
- Non-contact Interphone system
- Ultraviolet radiation dis infector light

- Inverted power supply
- External power supply

- Illuminating Light in Patient's compartment

- Recording camera with memory card (option)
- Long distance walkie-talkie (option)

- Tracking system (option)

- GPS (option)

- Digital clock mounted type (option)

Ambulance Conversion Dubai


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As a well known ambulance Dubai company and  Ambulance Manufacturers, This is an overview on our Ambulance Conversion and ambulance manufacturing & conversing specification. Please note that the ambulance design and conversion processing vary according to your request , vehicle type and your given details so the below specification are subject to change as we build ambulances using vehicle brands and specification according to your requirements. So below specification is our standard, additional medical equipment or any other modification or conversion will be considered according to the customer's request.

​We are manufacturing the below Ambulance Types:


Ambulance dubai

Mobile Clinic Dubai

Type III has a fabricated square or box shape patient compartment made of special material that is mounted on a cut a way van chassis. Type III is mostly used at airports, industrial plants, and oil & gas fields. This type of ambulance has to be equipped with medical equipment for Advance Life Support (ALS).

Ambulance Dubai
Type 3 Ambulance