We equip ambulances using high quality & latest medical equipment according to international standards or according to customer’s request. In addition according to customer’s request we can also equip ambulances with special medical equipment, emergency equipment and operation theater equipment such as operation table and mobile X-Ray systems.

Technical Support

ContACT NOW THE Main Ambulance Cars Company Dubai UAE , Ambulance Manufacturers in Dubai

We provide quality technical and service support to our customers before, during and after a purchase to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. We understand that the technical support determine products selection by the customer & for this we are putting this point within our priorities, In addition, we provide installation for our medical and emergency equipment also we provide commissioning, testing and warranty for the equipment.

High Quality & Heavy Duty Ambulances

We understand the importance of ambulances and our of customers order therefore we provide a turnkey solution in the shortest turnaround time. We take into consideration during the conversion and manufacturing process the quality and attention to all details.

​so as a well know Ambulance Cars Company Dubai UAE we can manufacture all models and types in very short time according to your project.

Poor and lack selection by a customer and buyers for buying of Ambulances and  ems trucks, may lead to a disproportionate escalation in health care delivery costs. We understand this point very well that's why we do all our best to provide the best and top quality ambulances and emergency vehicles in terms of technology, efficiency and quality.

Our Main Clients as Follows:

- Red Cross

​- Mohammed Bin Rashid Humanitarian and Charity Establishment

- Iraq Government

- Sudan Government

​- Libyan Government

- Chinese Petroleum Company

- Najran Hospital - KSA

- Many other hospitals and oil field companies and organization in UAE and all over the world

As an Ambulance Cars Company Dubai UAE We can manufacture all types of ambulance and trucks such as:

- Type I Ambulance

- Type II Ambulance

- Type III Ambulance

- Desert Ambulance

- Blood banking trucks

- Mobile clinics vehicles

- X-ray and imaging trucks and vehicles

According to the customer requirements, according to the vehicle or truck chassis and according where to use and equipment needed.

Ambulance Manufacturers in UAE, Ambulance Manufacturers in Dubai

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We are Main Ambulance Manufacturers in UAE, Ambulance Manufacturers in Dubai

Shortest turnaround time in conversion process

Manufacturing all Types of Ambulance

We build ambulances using vehicles of your choice. We have experts and specialists in the conversion process of all car & vehicle brands to ambulances according to international standards or according to customer’s request. The customer can buy the vehicle by himself or let it to us to buy the vehicle for him.

Some of vehicle brands we can deal with:

- Mercedes Benz, sprinter Ambulance

- Ford Ambulance F150, Ford F550, Ford F450, Ford F350, Ford E450, Ford E350, Ford E650

- GMC Savana Ambulance

- Chevrolet Express Ambulance

- IVECO 2WD Ambulance

- IVECO 4WD Ambulance

- Toyota Hi-Ace Ambulance

- Toyota land cruiser Hardtop Ambulance

- Hyundai H1 Ambulance

- Volkswagen crafter Ambulance

- many other cars, vehicles, trucks, buses brands 

High quality & latest medical equipment

Here are some reasons to choose us as your Ambulance Cars Company in Dubai UAE:

Ambulance Cars

Contact The Best Ambulance Cars Company Dubai UAE and Get The best offer today

Diversity in the selection of vehicle brands

Heavy Duty Ambulance Vehicles