We are Ambulance Manufacturers in UAE. Welcome to the thriving world of Ambulance Cars© Quality and affordable ambulance cars company we manufacturer ambulance for sale as ambulance cars company ambulance manufacturers. Ambulance Cars© is a registered brand for our company located in Dubai. We are Ambulance Manufacturers and Ambulance Company in Dubai in United Arab Emirates UAE and factory. We manufacture ambulances, mobile clinic, Ambulance chassis cab, etc. We can manufacture all types of ambulance: Type I Ambulance, Type II Ambulance, Type III Ambulance. Our mission is to introduce high quality ambulance vehicles and provide excellent services with the most competitive price to the world. We also provide all the services, equipment, supplies and accessories for ambulances such as: ambulance conversion, ambulance equipment, ambulance supplies, paramedic supplies, paramedic equipment, EMS, EMS supplies, ems equipment, ambulance service, emergency medical services, first aid kits, first aid supplies, first aid box, BLS equipment, ACLS equipment, emergency ventilator, patient monitor, emergency services, emergency medical services, defibrillator, AED defibrillator, CPR equipment, full range of medical equipment and many more.

Welcome to Ambulance Cars© Brand for our Ambulance Factory We put your  health and well being first. We manufacture and supply quality & heavy duty Ambulance Vehicles & Trucks

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On our products page we list the specification, features and full information about our quality Ambulance and emergency trucks and medical equipments

Ambulance Products By Usage:

​-  Type 1 Ambulance

​-  Type 2 Ambulance
​-  Type 3 Ambulance

-  Desert Ambulance

-  BLS Ambulance

-  ALS Ambulance

-  Blood Bank Vehicle 

-  X-Ray Vehicle 

-  Mobile Clinic Unit

As main Ambulance Manufacturer in UAE  and Ambulance Suppliers Our quality objectives are to furnish high quality products, on time, & at the lowest cost. The attainment of such objectives will lead to, customer satisfaction, enhanced work performance at the application level, & ongoing improvements in process efficiency. Once an objective is achieved, it should be recognized & reset to stimulate further quality improvement. Our customers demand & warrant a high quality product. It is our responsibility to give them what they want if we don’t, they’ll find someone who can. If customer requirements are unclear, then it our job to seek out a better understanding of their requirements/specifications. If we fail at any time, then we must determine what went wrong & assure that it doesn’t happen again. AmbulanceCars© is ready to work with the international partners to distribute its products in international market. Last but not the least we have contributed a lot into this in terms of providing quality Ambulance Cars on very competitive prices

We build ambulances using vehicles of your choice such as: Mercedes ambulance, Toyota ambulance, GMC ambulance, Ford ambulance, Hyundai ambulance, Volkswagen ambulance, etc also We build ambulances using vehicles models of your choice such as: mercedes benz ambulance, Sprinter ambulance, Hiace High roof ambulance, H1 ambulance, Land Cruiser hardtop ambulance, Crafter ambulance, Ford F150 ambulance, Ford F550 ambulance, Ford F450 ambulance, Ford F350 ambulance, Ford E450 ambulance,Ford E350 ambulance, Ford E650 ambulance GMC Savana Ambulance, Chevrolet Express ambulance, IVECO Ambulance 2DW and 4DW types, etc. As we are one of the biggest Ambulance Manufacturers in Dubai we manufacture all types such as Truck box type ambulance, Van ambulance, Van box ambulance, Bus Ambulance also we can supply  LHD, RHD and  Petrol engine or diesel engine;  2WD, 4WD, Off -road ambulance. etc. In addition we can make all ambulance types: type 1 ambulance, type 2 ambulance and type 3 ambulance.also we can make desert ambulance, ICU ambulance, undertaker car, funerary car, dead body car, Refrigerated truck, blood bank vehicle, x-ray imaging vehicle truck, cargo van ambulance and buses.

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About Our Ambulance Company:

​We are the biggest Manufacturer, supplier, exporters & dealers for quality  Ambulance Trucks & Vehicles we also supply EMS medical Supplies and paramedic supply equipment, hospital equipment and machines

We are Ambulance Manufacturers in UAE  in Dubai and we are manufacturing and provide medical equipment, Ambulances and emergency vehicles since 2005

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